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Vision Essence Early Defence 90 capsules (3mth) - Advertised Price Restricted

$69.00 CAD

Important pricing update: As of January 2024, we have been restricted from advertising our clinic's pricing for Vision Essence because it is below the amount set by the manufacturer. 

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Vision Essence Early Defence macular degeneration support.  No Zinc

Whether you’re at risk for macular degeneration or you’ve already been diagnosed with the condition, you want to do everything possible to improve your ocular health.

One 90 capsule bottles of Early Defence - Vision Essence  (3 month supply).

Take with food for maximum absorption.

Vision Essence contains all three critical carotenoids: Meso-Zeaxanthin (10mg), Lutein (10mg) and Zeaxanthin (2mg).

Vision Essence Early Defence is VEGAN and does NOT contains Zinc and never contains - Soy, Egg, Gluten, Animal Gelatin, PVP, Artificial colours or sweeteners.

  • Guaranteed for label content and purity - Independently certified by ISO accredited testing labs (International Standards Organization) 
  • Safety and stability reviewed annually by Health Canada to ensure product integrity 

** Expiration date now printed on the bottle of the bottle (not on label)

Vision Essence Early Defence = Vision Essence Early Defense 

All prices in CDN$ - No duty or import fees on domestic Canadian orders.

AUG 2023 Update:  Vision Essence has changed their formulation to be more bioavailable - These new soft gels look different than old stock  Find out more...

All Current Inventory Expires after: December 31, 2025


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  • I have a problem with swallowing pills. Do you have a gummy form? Or can I open the capsule and sprinkle the powder on apple sauce?

    Hello!   Yes the capsules can be opened easily   Thanks for the question

  • Will this work for my dry eye?

    Early Defence is used for macular/retinal health issues.  It is not indicated nor useful for dry eye.  Here is great dry eye information with some suggestions.

  • What is the prescribed dosage for someone with macular degeneration?

    Vision Essence Early Defence should be used for macular degeneration if recommended by you eye care professional.  There are different vitamin therapies (e.g. AREDS2) so you should talk to an eye care professional to decide on which is best for your specific condition.   If Vision Essence Early Defence is recommended, one softgel daily with food is the dosage.

  • Is this product recommended for the beginning symptoms of cataracts to help prevent the actual formation?

    Vision Essence Early Defence is for the treatment of macular (retinal) issues .  It is not indicated for cataracts.   There is currently no clinically recommended intervention to reduce/treat cataract development

  • Does vision essence have side effects?

    I have been using Vision Essence in clinic for many many years.  I do not have any patients who have reported adverse effects nor have any concerns been communicated by the pharma company behind this supplement.  Vision Essence does not contain zinc... the very high levels of zinc in many eye supplements tends to be the culprit for intolerance.  
    Always take vision essence with food for maximum absorption

  • Hi iwas reading about your product tonite and wondered if you had it in liquid. After my second eye exam in three months it was recommended I take Vitalux. I went to Costco and bought some as they said it was pill form. But they are the size of large capsules and i have a very difficult swallowing issue (Dysphagia) They said cut into Piece's but online it says not too So I am looking for small pills (very) or preferably Liquid. Do you offer

    For patients unable to take AREDS vitamins due to zinc or swallowing issues… I recommend

    These are capsules that can be opened and put on food.

    Please be aware that Vision Essence is not an AREDS formula.  There are pros and cons to each and your eye care professional can help you decide.   I can not provide medical advice via email.