I feel an under-represented symptom of dry eye is the dramatic blur that an unstable tear film can create.   Do you blink to clear your computer screen?

Most commonly you will see reference to chronic eye irritation and this logical considering the "dry eye" label.

However, I suggest that clinically I see more patients mis-attributing transient screen blur to their glasses than reporting eye irritation.  It is a hard connection to attempt to communicate!   When there is no irritation and only blur, counseling on drop use is usually met with some skepticism.   Your optometrist will check for signs of an unstable tear film but if you are noting that you need deep blinks to clear intermittent blur... You likely could benefit from the proactive use of an anti-evaporative drop such as I-drop MGD or Thealoz DUO.

I will often recommend using one of these products before computer use and again at a break.   Getting ahead of the problem is paramount.

Bottom line is that you do not need irritation to have the early vision-blurring effects of dry eye.

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Dr. Morris