In clinic, I routinely recommend 1000-2000mg of Omega 3 (EPA + DHA) for dry eye management.   See the Blog about Confusing Omega 3 labels for full information.

Here is a convenient table that contrasts various mEYEspa Omega 3 options to get to our minimum therapeutic recommendation of 1000mg/day (EPA + DHA rTG form)

Min. daily dose to achieve 1000mg ~ Daily cost* with no bulk discount from mEYEspa Actual daily EPA + DHA mg delivered in dose Brand/Link
(#softgels or 
bottle size)
2 Softgels ~89 cents/day 1824mg i-VU PLUS (120) **
2 Softgels ~$1.21/day 1493mg PRN De3 (270)
3 Softgels ~$1.27/day 1125mg + GLA NutraSea Dry Eye (120) 
1 teaspoon (5ml) ~$1.37/day 2240mg PRN Oe Liquid (200ml) 
1 teaspoon (5ml) ~$1.36/day 1500mg + GLA Nutrasea Dry Eye  Liquid (200ml)

** Best Value Award (EPA+DHA mg / $) goes to...
i-VU Omega3 PLUS

* Order more than one bottle for mEYEspa bulk discount to lower your daily cost

Most important TIP...  Take with food!  Without food, even the best Omega 3 will not absorb properly and not deliver the desired result!

Dr Morris

PS Looking for eye drop product recommendations?   Try the mEYEspa product guidance quiz


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