How much Omega 3 should I take for dry eye?

Simple question but the answer is a bit complex.  Omega 3 supplements vary widely in their potency.  Often labels on drug store Omega3's recommend daily doses for brain and heart health but dry eye treatment requires higher levels.

The following information is what I recommend in clinic.  It is not applicable to everyone and talk to your eye care provider for more individualized information.

STEP 1 - Look at the label of your Omega 3 supplement and find these numbers:

Serving Size:  e.g. 1,2,4 capsules
Capsule Size: e.g. 500mg to 1200mg
EPA content and DHA content in mg.

Ignore the serving size initially and find the EPA + DHA total

For dry eye, this total (EPA+DHA) needs to be 1000mg per day Then figure out how many servings that you need to get ~1000mg/day of EPA + DHA

I often recommended up to 2000mg/day (EPA+DHA).  The take away here is that the capsule size is irrelevant.

The form of the Omega 3 is important for bio-availability and triglyceride form is preferred.

See example below

On the above Krill Omega 3 label...  one capsule (serving) has 75mg (EPA) + 45mg (DHA) = 120mg.   For dry eye therapy I recommend >1000mg/day so... you would need 1000/120 = 8.33 ~ 8 capsules a day.  (That's a lot!)

On this PRN De Omega 3 label ... serving is 4 capsules which delivers 920 mg (EPA) + 920 mg (DHA) = 1840mg.

I would recommend 2-3 capsules of the PRN high potency product.

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What is the most potent Omega 3 that we have found?

Liquid Omega 3's generally have high potency and usually 1 teaspoon/day will exceed daily guideline but check the label.

Most important TIP...  Take with food!  Without food, even the best Omega 3 will not absorb properly and not deliver the desired result!

Dr. Morris

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