meyespa iris  A huge percentage of the population suffer from allergies.  Some allergy sufferers know exactly what their trigger is but often the exact culprit is a mystery.

There are many environmental (dust, pollen) and specific (animal) triggers that effect eyes and cause ocular allergy signs and symptoms (Allergic Conjunctivitis)

Allergic eyes are:

  • red
  • itchy (especially in the insider corners)
  • may have a stringy white discharge
  • both eyes effected
  • have bumps under eyelids

Allergic eyes are not:

  • goopy with yellowish discharge
  • painful
  • extremely light sensitive
  • achey

These posts are not meant to be diagnostic but rather general information.  If you think you have ocular allergies then see an Optometrist to diagnose and recommend treatment options for you.

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