It is a common concern that the new Vision Essence soft gels appear different and only half full..  Below is the lengthy explanation from the manufacturer… bottom line is that they understand that the new capsules look different but are very committed to make them better and more bioavailable.  


Aug 2023 FROM Vision Essence…

While purely aesthetic, the additional olive oil and sunflower lecithin visible inside the capsule actually help increase carotenoid absorption- see attached, and please allow me to explain. We’ve recently utilized a double-strength carotenoid raw material (now 24% Lutein/Zea by weight vs previous 12%), requiring half as much “active” per capsule. However, the higher concentration also means increased viscosity and free capsule space, so to aid the filling process, the lab blends extra olive oil and sunflower lecithin. The added benefit: authors conclude this helps aid bioavailability, according to a number of foundational published lutein experiments on BA. Despite some natural separation, once swallowed, the capsule dissolves in ~5 minutes, self-emulsifying within the GI tract.

Of note, natural separation wouldn’t occur if we utilized industrial synthetic surfactants, like Tween 80 (polysorbate), propylene glycol, PEG, etc.; but, the science is clear on the damage these synthetic additives inflict on the GI tract, thinning mucosa, causing gut dysbiosis, increasing systemic inflammation and potential for chronic diseases. Many fascinating publications on this topic- attached. In fact, the BCDO just published my article discussing the scourge of lousy ingredients found in highly-processed foods and supplements, including their links to IBD and chronic disease via the gut brain/retina axis-

 Additionally, instead of hiding the formula in opaque, coloured capsules made of gelatin and titanium dioxide nano-particles (EU banned Jan 2022), Vision Essence uses clear, vegan-friendly capsules, and you can see it all. The red is high-potency carotenoid, the rest is olive oil, SF lecithin, and a little bubble of safe, nitrogen gas used to flush out harmful oxygen that could otherwise degrade the carotenoids from within. I’ve discussed with our lab, and they are considering how to make the capsules “pretty” once again, but only naturally. The product is sound, and Vision Essence likely has the cleanest formulation anywhere :)

Vision Essence new soft gels look different than old stock