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PRN De3 Omega 3 (270) - High potency softgels

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You need to take the right Omega 3 supplement to help your dry eyes. PRN Omega 3's are the choice of our clinic to deliver the most punch. It is not how big the capsule is... it's what's inside!

See the BLOG entry for dry eye information

See more information on reading an Omega 3 label

Largest quantity available!   270 Softgels  (3 months supply @ 3/day)

Many generic and drug-store branded Omega 3 supplements are so low in the required elements of DHA and EPA that you would need to take 8 capsules per day to achieve a therapeutic effect! As well as being low in content, drug-store brands are often in synthetic or 'ester' form making them less bio-available.

De3 nutritional content label is for three (3) soft gels but for dry eyes, I generally recommend taking two (2) PRN De3 capsules / day.  Compared to drug-store brands this is dramatically less to get the requires DHA/EPA.  PRN Omega 3 will ultimately save yourself expense and indigestion!

This bottle has 270 softgels.  NOTE: the Canadian label does not say "bovine gelatin" but the softgel capsule source is bovine.   The liquid PRN would be the best option if you would like to avoid the gelatin capsules.

Available in bottles of 90 softgels, 180 softgels, 270 softgels and liquid.

All prices in CDN$ - No duty or import fees on domestic Canadian orders.

How to read an Omega 3 label...

Here is a PRN review from a US Optometrist listing it as the 'BEST Omega 3'.  This is an external link to YouTube.

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  • Hi there I need one of PRN De3 Omega 3 (270) - High potency softgels But I wondered about produce location ? Is that from Canada or USA Because I recommend the USA one.thanks for respne

    This product is made in USA but we are located in Canada.   Shipping to USA with $100 purchase is free.