Bruder Moist Heat Mask

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By Bruder

Bruised, red, tender, swollen eyelids? - A very common complaint.  A Bruder heat mask offers relief and helps you unclog those lid oil glands!  More natural oil on your eyes means more stable vision / less intermittent blur and more comfort.   A very relaxing SPA moment that is also great for eye health.  The Bruder Moist Heat mask is the gold standard at our clinic - Highly recommend.

The Bruder Moisture Mask is a very effective, holistic approach to dry eye and unclogging eyelid glands.  Heating your eye lids enables/activates your own body to better produce the oils essential to create a great tear film.  The mask is far better than face cloths because it delivers sustained moist heat.   A face cloth will only stay warm for approximately 40 seconds and you need a minimum of 5 minutes to have a positive effect on lipid flow/production.  5 to 10 minutes of the Bruder mask followed by lid massage works wonders for dry eye sufferers.  

We use this mask in clinic as a cross-over product for dry eye sufferers + eyelid pain issues + those suffering from digital eye strain.

The mask has one side that is more insulated so initially cooler and then when it starts to cool down - flip it over for more heat.   Give your lids a massage after the heat to further increase effectiveness!

  • Safe for frequent use
  • Self-hydrating – no need to add water
  • Non-allergenic

A warm compress system that creates the right temperature for the right length of time is critical for a success.    There are many microwaveable eye masks available and mEYEspa sells two difference styles.   The Bruder moist heat mask has a gap over the bridge of the nose and Blepha Eyebag® has a continuous pillow over the entire ocular area.

More information in the Dry Eye Guide


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Ask a Question
  • Do we have to wash this mask every time we use it?

    No.  Unless you have active lid infection.   You can put a Kleenex underneath if you want a small barrier.

  • do you recommend wireless eye mask?

    I do not any clinic experience with these. 
    Dr Morris


    The bruder mask is to be applied to closed lids for 4-5 min each time.  The warmed mask beads with dilate the (meibomian) glands in your lids and allow the oil from these glands to better flow to eye surface.   Ideally your vision should be a little blurry after use.

  • how do you wash/dry the mask

    You can hand wash and dry these masks.   So much better than the disposable ones!

  • What makes it moist? Should I be wetting the mask before microwaving?

    Good Question - Moisture comes from ambient humidity when the beads are heated - no extra moisture required

  • If a microwave is not available can I heat the Bruder mask in an air fryer or convection oven?

    This is ill-advised.  Not medical advice and not near as effective but may want to stick to repeated warm face cloth