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Blepha Eyebag® by Thea

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Warm compress recommendations for dry eye and lid issues are proven, routine and effective... but actually doing warm compress regime properly is the challenge.  From my clinical experience, warm eye compress from face cloths and tea bags have less-than-the desired result.

A warm compress system that creates the right temperature for the right length of time is critical for a success.  There are many microwaveable eye masks available and mEYEspa sells two different styles.   The Bruder moist heat mask has a gap over the bridge of the nose and Blepha Eyebag® has a continuous pillow over the entire ocular area.

Besides its shape, the difference is the materials used... the Blepha Eyebag® is free from addi­tives and plastics and has nat­ur­al silk & cot­ton, untreat­ed flax (lin­seed).

From the manufacturer Thea:  For the first two weeks use Blepha Eyebag® twice a day for 5 to 10 min­utes each time. Ide­al­ly, morn­ing and evening.  Suit­able for chil­dren from the age of 3 years old, adults and preg­nant or breast­feed­ing women.

Youtube video link for Eyebag Use (opens a new window outside mEYEspa)

Blepha Eyebag® is safe and effi­cient to use up to 200 ­times.  The warming of the mask in a microwave effectively sterilizes it for repeated use.

Made in France by the eye care specialists at Thea Labs

More information: Dry Eye Concern – mEYEspa

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