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HYLO® DUAL Intense | Ectoine + Sodium Hyaluronate | 10ml

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I have seen great results when Hylo™Dual is used as an ongoing part of seasonal allergy management or concurrently with oral antihistamines.  Hylo™Dual INTENSE is for folks more symptomatic.  It can blur your vision temporarily but can offer extended relief from both chronic dry eye and environmental allergy.

When we started to use the HYLO® line in-office, I was unsure about the bottle design.  It is a plunger style bottle that you squeeze from the end.  This has turned out to be a fantastic feature for those of us that have trouble putting drops in our eyes!   The long tip and squirt of drop makes sure that half of the drops are not running down your cheek!

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Hylo™Dual INTENSE eye drops contain both Ectoine & Sodium Hyaluronate

Ectoine, is a natural substance formed by microorganisms to protect themselves from extreme environments (e.g.: salt lakes or hot geysers). They adapt to these conditions by so-called extremolytes. Extremolytes like Ectoine are osmoprotective substances, which stabilize biological membranes.

Ectoine has a strong water-binding capacity. The water surrounding Ectoine is bound very compact, and forms a physiologic barrier. This “shield” of Ectoine and water protects cell membranes from contact with allergenic substances and against inflammatory responses to environmental stress (such as dehydration, e.g. by hyperosmolar tears, UV radiation or airborne allergens).

Sodium Hyaluronate has a stabilizing effect on your tear film. It protects against rapid evaporation of tears.

HYLO DUAL INTENSE is 2.00% Sodium Hyaluronate and 2.00% Ectoine

Together Sodium Hyaluronate and Ectoine provide intensive long-lasting lubrication of the ocular surface and protect against the evaporation of tears to relieve itching and burning caused by inflammation and allergies.

  • Offers immediate comfort (no stinging upon application), moisturizes and protects your eyes from dryness and irritation for a long time.
  • Is preservative free and usually very well tolerated.
  • Stabilizes the lipid layer of the tear film and protects the eyes against the excessive evaporation of tears
  • Stabilizes mast cells and relieves itching and burning caused by inflammation and allergies.

See more information in our Ocular Allergy Guide

Each bottle has ~300 drops.  I typically 2x/day so that is over 4 months of relief.

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Ask a Question
  • Can you use Candor Hylo Dual Intense gel with contact lenses?

    This product is not recommended for concurrent use with contact lenses.   You can use before and after wear ... but not during contact lens wear times.

    HYLO can be used with contact lenses safely.

  • How many times a day or every what hours do I use Candor Vision Hylo Dual intense

    This is a difficult question without a history but in-clinic, I consider a minimum therapeutic dose of Dual Intense to be 2X/day.   Without preservative, HYLO products can be used as often as needed.   If use/need exceeds 6x/day... there is likely a need to switch treatment tactics.

  • Can you supplement Hylo Dual Intensive with the regular Hylo drops.

    Yes - for sure.   The intensive is more viscous and does blur the vision a little with drop so lots of my patients will use Intensive 2x/day and then use HYLO as needed.  Thanks for the question