Blephaclean Lid Care Pads | 30 pack

$18.45 CAD

Blephaclean:  Our most popular in-clinic option for blepharitis acute flare ups.  Get rid of the morning CRUST!

Blephaclean Lid Care Pads 30 pack are daily single-use eyelid wipes containing a gentle, micellar solution, free from preservatives, parabens, soap and perfumes.  Blephaclean keeps the eyelids clean whilst respecting the skin around the eyes and its natural bacteria

Recent (2016) study show bacterial load reduced by ~63% with 5 days of 2X/day use! 

Blephaclean wipes improved ocular symptoms, with patients reporting less crusting around the eyelashes, redness around lid margins, heavy or puffy eyelids and eyelids stuck together in the mornings (blepharitis).   Blepharitis (eyelid inflammation) which is commonly associated with dry eye disease.

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  • What time of day is the best time to use these

    In clinic, we recommend morning use.   JM