Lid n' Lash Cleaner | 60 hydrating pads

$21.95 CAD

This stuff is magic.  I like Lid n' lash in clinic because it not only does a great job on blepharitis crustiness, you leave it on after wiping lids and it moisturizes and smooths lid skin.  AND - it is our least expensive per wipe option.

I-MED Lid n' Lash is an anytime eyelid wipe, free from preservatives, soap and perfumes.  Use on lids and brow and all over eye area.    Great for make-up removal too!

Lid n' Lash also available with 5% Tea Tree Oil (PLUS)

Eye lid wipes are one of the main treatments used to control blepharitis (eyelid inflammation and tenderness) which is commonly associated with dry eye disease.

** CANADA ONLY PRODUCT **    Orders with USA ship-to addresses can not be fulfilled for I-MED Pharma Products.

All Current Inventory Expires after: November 30, 2024


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