Lid n' Lash Cleaner | 60 hydrating pads

$23.70 CAD

This stuff is magic.  I like Lid n' lash in clinic because it not only does a great job on blepharitis crustiness, you leave it on after wiping lids and it moisturizes and smooths lid skin.  AND - it is our least expensive per wipe option.

I-MED Lid n' Lash is an anytime eyelid wipe.  It is free from paraben, soap and perfumes.  Use on lids and brow and all over eye area.    Great for make-up removal too!

Lid n' Lash also available with 5% Tea Tree Oil (PLUS)

All eye lid wipes are mainstay recommendations to control blepharitis (eyelid inflammation and tenderness) which is commonly associated with dry eye disease.

** CANADA ONLY PRODUCT **    Orders with USA ship-to addresses can not be fulfilled for I-MED Pharma Products.

All Current Inventory Expires after: November 30, 2026


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  • Is this safe for contact lenses wearers?

    Yes - These  lid wipes are safe for contact lens wearers - no concerns

  • I have two eye drops for glaucoma, when should I use Eye lid wipes, please Thank you

    Great question.   Some glaucoma drops (the class used just prior to bedtime) can discolour your skin.   Using a wipe after drops will not effect the drop's effectiveness.
    Some patients have more morning discharge when using glaucoma drops as well.    Again, it is fine to use wipes then too.
    Dr J