During the winter months, a common question that we receive is concerning products frozen during shipping/delivery.  This post is a summary of responses received from manufacturers for the question...

Are your products still safe and effective if they are  frozen in transit?


Vision Essence ( Early Defence )

THEAThealoz DUO drops/gel, Hyabak, Blephaclean )

Candor Vision I ( HYLO, HYLO Gel, HYLO Dual HYLO Dual Intense )

PRN Omega3 - Note that capsules may split/damage but contents are unharmed (PRN Omega 3)


Group 2 - REPLACE PRODUCT as unsure of stability or bottle damage

I-Med - (PUR, PUR gel, MGD )

Candor Vision 2 - ( Ocunox, Calmo Spray )


Please understand that mEYEspa is not responsible for product frozen on end delivery.   If you are concerned about your order freezing select the option in the shopping cart  "Request a signature on delivery".   This will hold your order at post office unless it is handed to you directly.



 Unlisted companies - we are waiting for response