Prescription eye drops are great for those who do not have many systemic allergy symptoms or eye issues persist even with oral anti-allergy medications.  There are two classes 

 Non-steroidal Antihistamine Eye Drops - There is a broad spectrum of these drops and depending upon where you live, some are prescription and some are over-the-counter.  These drops combat free antigens in the eye (versus stabilizers that only prevent histamine release).  Older antihistamines like Naphcon-A, Opcon-A are reasonably effective for short-term or acute relief.  Slightly newer drops like Zaditor have more punch for sure.

The most successful drop that our we prescribe in clinic (because it is once a day and effective as both antihistamine and stabilizer) is Pataday.  Pataday is sold under prescription in some areas and non-prescription in others - talk to your Optometrist.

 Steroid Based Eye Drops - Steroid drops are always prescription.  They are very effective in reducing ocular allergy symptoms fast!  The most common steroid drops for allergy are FML, Lotemax and Alrex.  The last two are the same drug at different concentrations.   Speak to you Optometrist about these medications.

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Prescription Eye Drops for Ocular Allergy

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