Rewetting drops - Do not under-rate regular use of non-preserved rewetting drops.  When using oral antihistamines, your eyes will be more dry and using a drop like Thealoz DUO can help flush your eyes and make them feel better.  Regular use of rewetting drops can also make you more tolerant to contact lenses during your seasonal allergies.

  Ice - If your allergies are more acute in nature (e.g. animal dander), ice can be a useful treatment if you simply do not have drops or need immediate relief.   An ice cube in a cloth applied to the lids can slow rapid onset reactions. 

  Cell Stabilizer Eye Drops - These drops act to shield the [mast] cells that release histamine.  The older drops based on sodium cromoglycate (e.g. Cromolyn) seem to have limited success in clinic.  There is a new cell stabilizer drop that our Optometry advisors are using with great success Hylo® Dual.  This drop is innovative because is combines a create lubricating drop with a novel mast cell stabilizer.  When used regularly, Hylo® Dual has shown to be very effective for environmental allergy use and can be used for very long periods of time without fear of adverse effects. 

 Antihistamine Eye Drops (some Rx and some OTC) - See this Guide Entry

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