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Thealoz® Duo GEL | 30 x 0.4g

$29.95 CAD

Thealoz® Duo GEL is best for for severe dry eye sufferers.  These are individual, non-preserved unidose containers (30 / pack).   Note packaging change Fell 2023.

This product may blur your vision for a short period of time but has long lasting soothing effects that last.

Thealoz® Duo GEL contains two dry eye therapies in one:

  1. Trehalose: a natural anti-evaporative substance present in many plants and animals that survive in extremely dry conditions. It helps protect the eye from dryness and is the active ingredient in Thealoz.
  2. Hyaluronic acid: a gentle solution that lubricates with long-lasting relief and is the active ingredient in Hyabak

    Thealoz® Duo GEL is not the answer for all forms of dry eye.  Please see our Guides -  DRY EYE DIGITAL EYE STRAIN BLEPHARITIS ALLERGY and speak to your eye care professional about the correct dry eye therapy for you. 

    Product Details:

    • Hydration, bioprotection, and regeneration of the eye’s surface
    • No preservatives or phosphates
    • Increases tear film thickness
    • Reduces dry eye symptoms and damage to the eye’s surface
    • Can be used with contact lenses


     Note that packaging has changed for this product Fall 2023


    All Current Inventory Expires after: October 31, 2026


    Ask a Question
    • Hi there, I have a question about the Thealoz Duo gel in the single use vials. I would like to know if these vials can be used for more than one day if the contents have not all been used up yet. Or are they only supposed to be used within 24 hours and thrown away even if there are more eyedrops left inside the vial?

      Hi - Because this drop has no preservative, it is not recommended that you keep the vials more than 24 hours after opening.   This is true for any single use eye drop.  
      Thanks for the good question!   Dr. Morris

    • Because the drops are rather costly, I would consider ordering 6 to get a better price. So would you kindly provide the expiry date for an order placed mid-April 2024. Thank you.

      Hello! Our minimum expiration dates are posted on every product page. Currently Oct 2026 for this product. Thanks!