Naclino Saline Large Lid Wipes | 20 pack

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Naclino Wipes are Preservative, Soap and Fragrance free to clean the most sensitive skin.  This is used in-clinic for blepharitis flare ups and acute treatment.  Get rid of the morning CRUST!

Wipes are used to help treat symptoms of blepharitis (eyelid inflammation) which is commonly associated with dry eye disease.

Naclino large wipes are larger in size than most wipes and and are great to clean from brows-to-nose.

Naclino wipes are saline and nothing more.  Great for sensitive skin.


As seen in The Globe and Mail

Saturday January 22nd, 2022, NACLINO™ Saline Lid Wipes were featured by columnist Caitlin Agnew in The Globe and Mail.

Reader Comment:  "Caitlin: I LOVE Naclino! I was so happy to see this post coming from you. I have been a faithful user of Candor’s Hylo dual and Ocunox for 3 years, and Naclino for several months now. What a life changer!!! I mean, it seems so simple, right? “No soap on your lids…”. Yet this is the ONLY wipe that truly doesn’t irritate my delicate eyelids and doesn’t worsen my inflammation. Thank you for sharing this with your readers!"
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