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Lumify Eye Drops 7.5ml | Safe Rapid Red Eye Relief

$33.99 CAD

A redness reliever like no other.  Now available in Canada.

Note - This is the larger 'value pack' 7.5ml size of Lumify bottle.

Fast acting and long lasting efficacy.  Lumify is a new and novel approach to red eyes.  It has low risk for of rebound redness when used as directed.

Our clinic is close to the US border.  Before its recent Health Canada approval, we had patients crossing into Michigan to buy Lumify because of its unmatched effectiveness.

Lumify is the first and only over-the-counter eye drop developed with low-dose brimonidine tartrate for ocular redness due to minor eye irritations.

It is important that you treat any underlying reasons for chronic red eyes and not use Lumify to mask symptoms.   Dry eyes, blepharitis and infection are possible reasons for red eye that Lumify is contraindicated.     See your eye care professional.

Brimonidine tartrate ophthalmic solution 0.025%.   Maximum dosage 4X/day.

Smaller 3.5ml bottle also available.


All Current Inventory Expires after: October 31, 2025


Ask a Question
  • Is it safe to take when I am also taking I- DROP MGD preservative free drops for dry eye and Batch + Lomb 128 ointment at night

    Yes - this is not a contraindication - Dr Morris

  • Can I use this if I have had lasik surgery ??

    Yes - Lumify is not contraindicated post-LASIK

  • Is this safe for your eyes?

    Yes - Clinically the medication is approved by FDA and Health Canada to a max usage of 4 drops per day.   You just have to be careful (as stated in product decription) that you are not masking reasons for redness that need different treatment.   Best advise would be to talk to your eye care provider