As of January 2024, our clinic has been restricted from advertising our in-clinic pricing for Vision Essence because it is below the amount set by the manufacturer in the 'Vision Essence Unilateral Minimum Advertised Price and retail Market Policy (MAP)'.  The mEYEspa posted website pricing represents the agreement-defined online (non-clinic) price and not our selling price.

I believe strongly in this product and routinely recommend in clinic.  I feel our clinic price encourages appropriate and continued daily use.

The maximum discount that we can advertise through the website is 10% for a multi-bottle purchase.  However we can offer our lower clinic price for those who email or call for pricing.   We are restricted from providing promo discount codes.

To access our in-Clinic Pricing for Vision Essence,
you have FOUR options:

Option #1

1] Click > to open an addressed inquiry email.  (purchase not required)

2] Complete the email with your name and email address (add shipping address if a new customer)

3] You will be sent a link that works with your 'Clinic Club' registered email address to buy Vision Essence at our low in-Clinic Price. 

OR Option #2

You can also call our clinic at 519-681-3670 (Business Hours Eastern Time Zone) to register for 'In-Clinic' Pricing

OR Option #3

Order Vision Essence with a discount code.  Important! This code only works if you are a registered customer of mEYEspa that previously purchased Vision Essence.   Registered customers can enter this discount code for use on checkout page: InClinicPrice

OR Option #4

Order Vision Essence at the website price and you will be credited back the difference between the advertised online price and our in-clinic price.


Vision Essence is the only product on mEYEspa that is restricted in this way and the only product with a lower clinic price.  

Thank you for your continued support of our small independent business.

Vision Essence