Between you and I, let's rename 'Dry Eye'.  It is a poor umbrella term that encompasses many different ocular surface and corneal issues.   I propose that we use 'Tear Chemistry Imbalance' as a better phrase for what everyone calls dry eye.

The fluid on the surface of our eyes is complex.  There are hundreds of proteins, mucin, oils and water that all have to be mixed in the right recipe to deliver comfort and stable vision.  If that recipe gets out of whack from humidity, computer use, medications, diet, general health issues and countless other factors... the many symptoms of 'dry eye' arise.

Dry Eyes?  But my eyes water constantly! Tearing, burning, transient blurred vision, chronic redness are all signs of our newly named condition - Tear Chemistry Imbalance.    Extra tearing is your body's attempt to reset the tear film but just like when your hands are dry... running them under a tap makes them wet... but not moist.  If you are reading this, you well know that Eye Drops, Omega3's and Heat are the first-line ways to influence tear film chemistry and create moisture/balance..

Let's start a Tear Chemistry Imbalance renaming movement lol! ...  At least I will know what you talking about. ;)

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Dr Morris


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