I have been seeing patients for eye care for 25 years.  Over that time there has been much more formal definition and diagnostics for dry eye... there have been many new innovative products to treat dry eye... So what is the #1 reason why many dry eye treatments fail?    Stopping what is working!   


The complacency that builds when you are feeling better is the challenge.  My best advice that if you are on a regime that works for you... do not stop.   Dry eye is a chronic condition and the factors that created the need for your intervention do not go away 99% of the time. 

From personal clinical experience, careful case histories and asking detailed questions will often elucidate that a controlled dry eye... became uncontrolled... when a modification was made to treatment plan. 

[1] Work with your Optometrist to develop a plan and [1] Stick with the drops or compresses or Omega3's or Rx meds... even when you are felling better... Your eyes will thank you!

Number 1 Reason Why Dry Eye Treatments Fail