Recommendations based on an Aqueous Deficiency Dry Eye

  The goal of treating aqueous deficiency dry eye is to dilute the tears so that they are less salty and irritating to the ocular tissue.

LEVEL ONE: Use non-preserved rewetting drops designed for Aqueous Deficiency.  Recommended 2-6 times per day.
     Option 1 - Thealoz DUO – filtered bottle
     Option 2 – non-preserved Theratears or non-preserved HypoTears – available through any pharmacy - individual use

LEVEL TWO: All level ONE recommendations but to an enhanced vigilance also add a eye gel at bedtime -  Recommended: Ocunox or I-Defence 

LEVEL THREE (hyper acute inflammatory): Pulse of prescription topical steroid and/or oral medications would be discussed by Optometrist for inflammatory dry eye disease.  There are also non-steroidal medications that can be prescribed for ongoing use to battle inflammatory dry eye.


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