Blephagel DUO Lid Cleaner Kit | 30g + 100 Pads

$19.99 CAD

Blepharitis is chronic, stubborn eyelid irritation. For years, Blephagel is a key part of our recommendations to not only remove the morning crust and debris but help prevent its return.

This gentle daily eyelid cleaner, hypo allergenic and free from preservatives.

The new DUO kit comes with the 30g Blephagel tube and 100 sterile cotton application pads.

The tube has an airless pump to keep the gel sterile with use. Do not squeeze! - Pump only


All Current Inventory Expires after: April 30, 2025


Ask a Question
  • What is the difference between Blephagel and Blephasol? Is one more effective than the other. Is the gel applied with a dry pad, and the solution applied as a water-based preparation. Is one easier to apply than the other? Thank you, in advance, for your reply.

    Blephasol is not available in Canada.  Sorry that I can not comment but not used it ... and only have products that I have clinically tested on the site.  Re: Blephagel DUO.  It works best to apply the gel (with pump action not squeeze) to a pad moistened with warm water.   Rub all around lid area including the eye brows.  Then rinse off.

  • Do I use the gel on a dry pad, or do I moisten the pad with warm water first, before putting the gel on it? I have been using Systane Eyelid wipes, which have moister already added to the wipe before you use it. I tried dispensing the gel onto one of the supplied dry pads, but it felt very dry as I rubbed the pad against my eyelids. I look forward to your reply. Thank you.

    Thanks for the question on use.  For this kit, I recommend using a moistened (with water) pad.   This product also comes as premoistened pads or the Lid N' Lash is very good for another premoistened option.

  • what is the expiration date on your current stock of Blephagel?

    All current inventory expiration dates are at the bottom of product pages.  Our new shipment of DUO: Expires after: January 31, 2025