Fake or counterfeit eye-related products such as eye drops and vitamins are a relatively new phenomenon.  There is currently heightened concern about a well-known brand of premium ocular vitamins having its products faked and sold through large marketplaces.   This is dangerous not only because the content of this vitamins is now unknown but patients that are not receiving a proper supplement will have increased risk of vision loss.

fake eye drops

Imitation product creeps into the market though three channels.

[1] Duplication of the look and feel of the bottle and contents (no active/useful medication and potentially harmful fillers).  These are sold by individuals typically via marketplaces and are indistinguishable alongside authentic products.

[2] Drop-shipped product or indirectly distributed product (meaning that the seller may not actually have  possession of the actually product sold).   Drop-shipping pharma products poses a massive risk because some distribution centers pool like-products.   e.g. Think about a bank.... If you take $100 bill cash to a bank and make a deposit today.  Then, tomorrow you go back and withdrawal a $100 bill... It is very unlikely that you would receive the same $100 bill that you originally deposited.  This is the most concerning distribution model as like-product is pooled/banked and then when sold by any connected seller... products is 'withdrawn' from the  common pool and shipped to the end user.   Some of the product in the pool could be authentic.... some not.  Distribution centres would have to be extremely diligent about inspecting and checking every incoming product to prevent this.   A reputable seller contributing real product to the pool may actually end up unknowingly sell fake product.

[3] The third channel is less counterfeit but still can lead to potentially dangerous or ineffective products.   There are many listing for foreign versions of branded product.  These products are not always identical as products recommended by your eye care professional.

How can you protect yourself?   Buy product only from your own eye care professional or from established and reputable sources.  Avoid marketplace purchases!  Look to sellers that have real addresses and real contact information.  

Every mEYEspa product is directly purchased from our manufacturer partners.  We control all distribution - start to finish.  We are a real eye care clinic and the products available through our online store are exactly the same as the ones sold to clinic patients.

Protect your eyes - Buy only from an authorized retailer.

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Dangerous Fake Medication.  Are my Eye Drops Authentic? 

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