Fast acting and long lasting efficacy, Lumify is a new and novel approach to red eyes.  It has low risk for of rebound redness when used as directed.

Our clinic is close to the US border.  Before its recent Health Canada approval, we had patients crossing into Michigan to buy Lumify because of its unmatched effectiveness.

Lumify is the first and only over-the-counter eye drop developed from popular glaucoma medication.   This extremely safe medication (low % brimonidine tartrate) is indicated for ocular redness due to minor eye irritations. 

Lumify does not have the risks of traditional eye whiteners such as rebound redness with continued use and eye pressure increase.

The most important thing to understand PRIOR to your use of any eye whitener is that you need to treat any underlying reasons for chronic red eyes and not use Lumify to mask symptoms.   Dry eyes, lid issues, infections are all possible reasons for red eye that Lumify is contraindicated and should not be used!
See your eye care professional for guidance.

No rebound Safe Eye Whitening with Lumify