Liposic Ophthalmic Gel 10g

$10.19 USD $11.76

Liposic Ophthalmic Gel is not a product that have our clinic has used extensively.  However,  this gel is efficacious and does have some unique properties that has translated to a loyal, satisfied patient base. 

We have began to sell on mEYEspa due to patient requests and less from clinical experience as with other mEYEspa products.  I will start to use this in-clinic and report back on success.

Liposic Gel is a vicous gel for moderate to severe dry eye.  It is primarily for overnight use due to some induced blur.  It simulates all layers of the natural tear film and is pH balanced .  Liposic does contain a preservative.


All Current Inventory Expires after: January 31, 2026


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