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AREDS 2 Eye Vitamin Private Label | 180tabs (3mth)

$46.99 CAD $49.95

Why use private label AREDS2? 

1] Typical savings over branded eye vitamins is ~$100** annually 
2] High quality
3] Canadian made

If your eye care professional has recommended that you take an approved AREDS 2 vitamin for macular degeneration (e.g. Preservision, Ocuvite, ICAPS, Vitalux) look closely at the label.  Most of these brands require 2-4 tablets per day.  I have found clinically that adherence to the recommended dose is mediocre at best often due to cost.  We have mostly switched our mild-to-moderate AMD patients to this effective, two-a-day, less expensive private label.

This Canadian-made formulation of the AREDS 2 eye vitamin only requires two softgel per day.  When you take into account the #/day of tablets and compare the pricing to the large brands, Essentials Macula 2 ® AREDS 2 Plus is a great choice!


To ZINC or not to ZINC....  That is the question

There is ongoing debate about whether the very high levels of zinc in the original AREDS 2 studies are beneficial to all.  Our practice position is to recommend the RDA (recommended daily allowance) for zinc.  The essentials formulation has 10mg of zinc (which is RDA).  For no zinc ocular vitamins see Vision Essence.



If you take Vitalux, Icaps, Ocuvite, Preservision - Consider this excellent less expensive, made-in-Canada alternative. 

Manufactured in Richmond, British Columbia.


180 Softgels per bottle (3 month supply)

 **  Brand name, twice per day ocular vitamin ~$22.50/month X 12 months = $270 per year vs.  Macula 2 private label @ $170 per year

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  • I have MD and have been taking high dose lutein for three years now. What would be the advantage to using your product alone or with what I’m taking ?

    As previously posted - << Clinical evidence only shows that this type of vitamin (AREDS formula) is effective at reducing progression in some folks with AMD.   There is no-to-weak evidence that taking this formula will prevent/delay the onset of AMD. >>  This information would also apply to lutein only.

  • I saw an ad on CNN for a similar product my Dad had macular degeneration and went legally blind. I have never been told by an optometrist that I had MD but I did in my past get squiggly lines in my vision and my Dad mentioned he had the same decades before he went legally blind. He was also colour blind to red which I am not. Would taking your product delay MD if I was prone to it? Does it have side effects?

    Thanks for the question - Clinical evidence only shows that this type of vitamin (AREDS formula) is effective at reducing progression in some folks with AMD.   There is no-to-weak evidence that taking this formula will prevent/delay the onset of AMD.     These vitamins do sometimes cause stomach upset but I see in clinic that this low-zinc formula has much better tolerance that the high zinc formulas.

  • Are you suppose to take this product constantly or is there a certain period of time?

    If an ocular vitamin (icaps/preservision/ocuvite) has been recommended by an eye care provider - it would mean that you have changes in your eye that [1] puts you at risk to develop macular degeneration or [2] indicate that you have macular degeneration.  AREDS supplements only works to reduce AMD progression when it is taken long-term**.  They have no lasting effects if taken short term.  This is not medical advice - general information only.

    ** AREDS formula vitamins do not work for all individuals and you should speak to your eye doctor for the AREDS2 study stats.

  • Is this product Vegan?

    Macula 2 Essentials is not a Vegan product due the gel capsule.

  • does your product Are 2 have any copper or selenium ? Are these two not essential for macula ?

    Yes!  Macula 2 Essentials has both copper or selenium.   I have posted an image of the label on the product page.  Thx

  • I take macuhealth and it has half of main ingredients for twice the money how can that be?

    Macuhealth and Vision Essence are non-zinc ocular vitamin supplements.   If your eye care provider has recommended no zinc then you should follow this recommendation.

    Macula 2 AREDS is a product that follows the formula of a large macular degeneration study (AREDS) but offers lower zinc at the recommended daily allowance vs. AREDS recommendation which was very high zinc content