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With our Optometrist advisor partners, mEye Spa features uses only clinic-tested products.

Weary eyes?

We Deliver Trusted Information & Successful Clinic-Tested Products to Weary Eyes Everywhere!

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Exhausting, inescapable screen time
Our eyes were not designed to stare at screens all day & night.  How can you best deal with a visually demanding life... Read More

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Are you struggling with 'dry' eyes?
Dry Eye is a poor description of what most people actually feel when our tears are not produced properly.  mEye Spa has answers and non-prescription treatments... Read More

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Red, watery seasonal allergy itch! 
Friends and family avoid you like the plague.  "Really... It's not an infection!"
Lots of people have ocular allergies.  What are the options without systemic medications
Read More

Dry Eye Products

HYABAK™ Our top clinic tested product for successful treatment of mild-to-moderate typical dry eye.

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Eye Strain Products

THEALOZ™ Our top clinic tested product for successful treatment of screen-induced eye irritation.

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Allergy Products

HYLO™DUAL Our top clinic tested product for successful, non-prescription eye allergy treatment.

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mEye Spa Mission

We Deliver Trusted Advice, Information & Successful Clinic-Tested Products to Weary Eyes Everywhere!
  • There are so many eye-related products claiming so many questionable benefits, mEye Spa's mission is to [1] distill out noise and only deliver trusted advice and information from eye care professionals and [2] offer a few number of clinic-tested successful products.  As we clinic test more products and gain treatment successes, our product offerings will evolve with the latest advancements in dry eye, digital eye strain and non-Rx allergic eye care.


Have you had a recent Eye Health Exam?

An Optometrist does much more than write prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses.  Optometrists detect, diagnosis and treat eye disease.  Regular Optometric eye health assessments are part of a healthy lifestyle. What Optometrists do...

Dry Eye?

Great information as well as straight, easy-to-understand answers to common dry eye / chronic eye irritation questions.
Read more

Digital Eye Strain?

Many studies talk about screen time for us increasing exponentially.   What does this do to our eyes? What can we do to ease the strain?  Read more

Ocular Allergies?

Environmental ocular allergies that cause itchy, watery eyes can be treated in many ways.   Great information to help you navigate your options.  Read more

About Our Advising Optometrist

Dr. Jason Morris Optometrist Dr Morris is the clinical director and lead Optometrist of a London Ontario based independent clinic.