AREDS 2 Eye Vitamin Private Label | 720tabs (ANNUAL Supply)

$168.00 CAD $184.00

Why use private label AREDS2?  1] Typical annual savings over branded eye vitamins is approximately $96**  2] High quality 3] Canadian made

If your eye care professional has recommended that you take an approved AREDS 2 vitamin for macular degeneration (e.g. Preservision, Ocuvite, ICAPS, Vitalux) look closely at the label.  Most of these brands require 2-4 tablets per day.  I have found clinically that adherence to the recommended dose is mediocre at best so we have mostly switched our recommendations to this effective, two-a-day, less expensive private label.

Promed's Canadian-made formulation of the AREDS 2 eye vitamin only requires two softgel per day.  When you take into account the #/day of tablets and compare the pricing to the large brands, Essentials Macula 2 ® AREDS 2 Plus is a great choice!


To ZINC or not to ZINC....  That is the question

There is ongoing debate about whether the very high levels of zinc in the original AREDS 2 studies are beneficial to all.  Our practice position is to recommend the RDA (recommended daily allowance) for zinc.  The essentials formulation has 10mg of zinc (which is RDA).  For no zinc ocular vitamins see Vision Essence.



Our private label - ProMed Eye Health formulated the MACULA 2® ESSENTIALS AREDS 2 PLUS supplements to exceed the standards and findings of the AREDS 2 study, the Vision Institute of Canada, the LAST Trial (Lutein Antioxidant Supplementation Trial) and Health Canada.

If you take Vitalux, Icaps, Ocuvite, Preservision - Consider this excellent less expensive, made-in-Canada, once-sofgel-day alternative. 

Vitamins C, D and the minerals zinc, copper and selenium are the essential antioxidant substances that work together to protect the sensitive structures of the eye from oxidation.



Specifically developed for maintaining the health of the human eye, MACULA 2® AREDS 2 PLUS has been formulated to delay the progression of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), cataracts and also prevent dry eye.

MACULA 2® has been formulated to the exceed the requirements of the AREDS 2 Study, the Vision Institute Of Canada, the LAST Trial (Lutein Antioxidant Supplementation Trial) and Health Canada.

Manufactured in Richmond, British Columbia.

This is 4 X 180 Softgels per bottle ANNUAL Supply

 **  Brand name, twice per day ocular vitamin ~$22.50/month X 12 months = $270 per year vs.  Macula 2 private label @ $174 per year

Note:   This product was previously approved for one-per-day and has been relabeled with a new two-per-day recommendation (Summer 2022)

All Current Inventory Expires after: February 28, 2025


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    Macula 2 Essentials is not a Vegan product due the gel capsule.

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