We are proud to offer a Climate Neutral order option ... But what does that mean?

Please consider to carbon offset your purchase.  In our purchase process, tick the box and make your purchase optionally ClimateNeutral. With a small additional contribution in your card, climate projects will be supported, and CO2 will be reduced. We work with our partner Footprint offering you several highly certified climate projects to choose from. This is how it works:


Order ClimateNeutral. 🌿

ClimateNeutral means offsetting all emissions that were generated from the purchased products. Carbon will be captured from the atmosphere by protecting the endangered rainforests.


Choose the climate project. 🌍

After the purchase, you can choose from projects certified with the highest quality standards (REDD, VCS, CCB) to ensure your contribution is really being used most effectively. If no project will be selected a default project will apply.


Protect the rainforest. 🌳

Rainforests absorb CO2 from the atmosphere in a natural way. With your contribution, you can preserve the forests and animals in it by supporting rangers and locals to protect them from fires and illegal deforestation.