PRN High Potency Liquid Omega 3 (200ml)

$55.09 CAD $65.00

If you want the most bang-for-your-buck... consider a liquid Omega 3 from PRN.

You need to take the right Omega 3 supplement to help your dry eyes. PRN Omega 3's are the choice of our clinic to deliver the most punch.

See the BLOG entry for dry eye information

See more information on reading an Omega 3 label

Many generic and drug-store branded Omega 3 supplements are so low in the required elements of DHA and EPA that you would need to take 8 capsules per day to achieve a therapeutic effect! As well as being low in content, drug-store brands are often in synthetic or 'ester' form making them less bio-available.

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  • Great flavor and easy to digest
  • In the Triglyceride Form for Maximum Absorption
  • Highly Purified and Concentrated
  • Molecularly distilled in a Pharmaceutically Licensed¬†Facility
  • Independent Laboratory Tested for Quality and Purity

We are using liquid Omega 3's more in our clinic because they work so well for dry eye / contact lens tolerance and digital eye strain issues,

ONE teaspoon contains a whopping:  !! 1680mg EPA  560mg DHA !!

This exceeds the recommended daily dose for patients in our clinic

200mg bottle will last approx 40 days with 1 teaspoon/day

Available in bottles of 90 softgels, 180 softgels, 270 softgels and liquid.

All Current Inventory Expires after: October 31, 2025


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  • Does the liquid Omega 3 for dry eyes affect blood cholesterol levels? Does it increase LDL levels? Is this product re estified?

    Hi - We can not offer you medical advice in this form...  for general information purposes only see:

    Yes PRN are Triglyceride form Omega 3 (re-esterified)