A common patient question is "What can I take for my eyes?... My mom/dad has eye problems."  There are lots of conflicting information on this topic and most is very condition specific.  I feel that Fit Eyez™ has the best broad multi-eye-vitamin offering to date.  Their broad approach provides the most appropriate formulation at safe level for all. 

FitEyez™ complete multivitamin provides the necessary nutrients for optimal eye health.  Packed with 11 essential ocular nutrients including lutein and astaxanthin.

There is ever increasing evidence than supplementation with carotenoids important for the retina will help night glare, processing speed and eye strain issues related to all out intense computer use.

If you are looking to do everything to protect your future vision and reduce glare... one-a-day Fit Eyez™ gummies are easy and packed with goodness.

FitEyez™ eye vitamin gummies are suitable for children (age 5+), adolescents, adults and seniors can all enjoy the wild berry taste and benefits of Fit Eyez™ gummies.

Each pack is a one month supply (30 gummies / one-a-day).

Receive a FREE 30 pack of FitEyez™ and FREE Shipping with a $200 Purchase from mEYEspa.  No code required. 

I take them myself!
Dr Morris