mEye Spa

With our Optometrist advisor partners, mEye Spa features uses only clinic-tested products.

Weary eyes?

We Deliver Trusted Information & Successful Clinic-Tested Products to Weary Eyes Everywhere!
We Deliver Trusted Information & Successful, Clinic-Tested Products to Weary Eyes Everywhere! 

There are so many eye-related products claiming so many questionable benefits, mEye Spa's mission is to [1] distill out noise and only deliver trusted advice and information from eye care professionals and [2] offer a few number of clinic-tested successful products.

As we clinic test more products and gain treatment successes, our product offerings will evolve with the latest advancements in dry eye, digital eye strain and non-Rx allergic eye care.

mEye Spa partners with practicing Optometry advisors to be sure that we are always have the most up-to-date offerings.

Contact mEye spa through our advisory panel.  Currently this is Dr Jason Morris and contact information can be found on his Vision Source London website at:

Vision Source London Optometry